Wardrobe Revitalization: Open your closet and take a long look at what you have hanging there. And don’t forget the shelves and shoe racks. Our wardrobes often look tired because we wear the same outfits over and over, in the same way, and we don’t always go for the styles that are most flattering to our shape.

Wardrobe revitalization brings your closet back to life and adds new vitality to your presence. We shop your closet – with the potential of no travel or significant cost to provide a fresh, updated look to your wardrobe. I’ll show you new ways to wear your existing clothes by adding accessories, pairing pieces not previously worn together, or making minor alterations. We are transformed by our wardrobe selections!

Color Analysis:  Many great writers, musicians, and artists address the seasonal aspect of life, both the physical and the emotional.  Our skin, eye, and hair coloring must be considered in clothing choices so we feel great and have a commanding presence.

In Color Me Beautiful, Carole Jackson describes the four color seasons.
IMG_0448Each of us falls into one of the four seasons and the season of our coloring provides a guide to what clothing looks best on us.  Those of us with cool Winter skin tones, and usually black or grey hair, may look great in black whereas a Summer should vote for pastels.  If you have Fall coloring, more earthy colors such as tan, brown, orange or yellow are becoming. And if you are of Spring coloring, honey-toned colors are for you.

You’ve likely been told to buy a black garment because it will make you look sophisticated. Black can look harsh if it’s too close to your face.  I’ll analyze your color season, determine what colors look best on you and then we will shop your closet and see what clothing to keep, give away or sell.

IMG_0415Personal Shopping: After we shop your closet, you may want to purchase a few new pieces such as a scarf, a piece of statement jewelry or a jacket. I can either shop for you or we can shop together to find perfect additions to your wardrobe.  Whether I jump in and do the shopping or we tackle it together, you can create a complete, updated wardrobe that makes a statement and at a price you can afford.

Then, turn to me when you are searching for that perfect outfit for a special event, business function or trip. I’ll already know just what suits you.

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